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Faber Castell

$20 $40

Faber Castell

    The most popular kids creative kit ever and still filled with Faber Castell creative essentials including Twist Art Crayons, Colour Pencils, Markers, Graphite Pencil, Glue Stick, Sharpener, Scissors, Glitter Glue Colours. Using all your new creative Drawing Essentials you can follow our step by step online tutorial and create an art collage. This is the ideal for those looking for craft ideas for kids, juniors, preschool and primary kids. Contains 43 premium art essentials:

    • 12 Faber Castell twist crayons
    • 12 Faber Castell colour pencils
    • 12 Faber Castell fibre tip markers
    • 1 Graphite pencils
    • 1 Glue stick
    • 1 Scissors 145mm
    • 1 Pencil sharpener
    • 3 Glitter glue colour tubes

    Follow our interactive online lesson plan and our artist will guide you through step-by-step techniques, tips, and tricks.

3D Pen

$38 $77

3D Pen

    Create in the 3rd dimension with this hand held 3D printing pen. 3D Pens bring science, tech, engineering and creativity together in a fun way, and is sure to capture your imagination. These are easy to use and safe for age 6 up to adults. Included is the 3D Pen, the a 10 pack of refills, your charge cable and pre-recorded online lesson tutorials by our artists with step by step guides and downloadable templates. Even if you are new to 3D printing technology, or used this before, this will encourage them to utilise these tools for creativity. Through this lesson, they explore the art of 3D printing, and learn to open their imagination to create objects. Contains everything you need to get started :

    • 1 3D Pen Stilo Vector
    • 12 Month product warranty
    • 10 Refill filament PLA rolls of assorted colours
    • 1 USB charge cable
    • 6 Download templates
    • 1 Pen craddle

    Follow our interactive online lesson plan and our artist will guide you through step-by-step techniques, tips, and tricks.

Fluid Art Bunny

$30 $60

    Awaken your bunny friend with this bunny fluid art kit . Our Fluid Art Bunny Kits are complete with everything you need to create wonder. Our creative kits with special packing options for special occasions and are an ideal choice for birthdays or someone special. Contents:

    • 1 Fluid Art Bunny
    • 4x 60mL Pouring paints Natural Colours
    • Each kit comes with four Pouring paint colours of Sizzling Red, Melon, Tangerine, Pink.

Tie Dye Textiles

$14 $28

Tie Dye Textiles Bundle

    A bundle of premium textile products for you to personalise with Tie Dye. Dyes not included.

    • 2 Cotton canvas pencil cases (21cm x 13 cm), each with black premium zipper close
    • 2 Cotton canvas tote large bags (40x 38cm)
    • All textiles are from high quality and is a light cream colour

    This bundle is ideal with the Tie Dye Creative kit.

Tie Dye

$15 $30

Tie Dye Kit

    Who knew tie dyeing could be this fun and easy? Redeem your voucher for the tie dye kit and you'll receive all the kit materials you need to create a range of tie dye projects. This creative kit will stock you with:

    • 5 Fabric paint dyes 80ml bottles
    • 20 Rubber bands
    • 1 Pair of gloves
    • This Tie Dye kit will colour approx 3-4 garments
    • Garments not included, but you can choose anything cotton from t-shirts, bags, or shoes

    Follow our interactive online lesson plan and our artist will guide you through step-by-step techniques, tips, and tricks. Simply add water, apply, wait and rinse, and you are ready to wear your new creations! Dyes will appear darker on damp fabric prior to washing, and will naturally lighten after laundering. Full of colourful fun! Stocked with 5 bottles of incredibly vibrant dye. Can be used on 100% cotton, rayon, and silk.

Clay Maker

$15 $30

Clay Maker Kit

    Mould and make magic with clay. This is a kit of air dry clay and contains clay, paint and wooden tools so you can Knead, design and paint at home, where you can take your time creating your own design. Follow our step-by-step online lesson plan pre-recorded by our artist, and unlock your creativity.

    • 2 Air dry clay packs 250g each
    • 2 Wooden modelling tools
    • 6 Acrylic paints
    • 1 Paint brush
    • Online lesson plan included to fuel your imagination

Rock Paint

$15 $30

Rock Painting Kit

Create wonder with this Rock Painting Kit that embraces the simplicity of this art form and evokes creativity. Discover a world of creativity with as you watch our pre-recorded online lesson tutorial, and using the guidance of our artist take your rock painting to the next level and express yourself, take risks, and find your inner artist -- you'll never know where this rock painting kit can take you!

  • Per item contains a special experience with our uniquely curated Rock Painting Kit.
  • Every Rock Painting Kit includes : 6 Large River Rocks, 6 Acrylic Paints, 1 Art Paint Brush


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