The Posca Range

PCF - 350

The soft brush tip of the PCF-350 is ideal for calligraphy and colouring. Has a brush tip for getting into corners and gaps, for creating solid colours and fluid strokes in the same way as a traditional brush.
Painting enthusiasts will rediscover all the pleasure of handling a brush combined with the unique qualities of POSCA, while beginners will learn new techniques quickly with no risks.

  • Used with equal ease for careful finishing work or for uninhibited creation.
  • Paint stretches and glides over the surface, coating the material and leaving a perfectly smooth line.
  • Paints without drips or complications.
  • With the button on the brush pen, you can control exactly how much paint you want.


With a very fine tip of 0.7–1 mm, the PC-1MC is ideal for small-format creations. Ideal POSCA for small-format creations with its small size and its extra-fine bullet tip. It is appreciated by adults and children, from beginners to the most experienced, who use it for precise colouring. Perfect for novice and experienced crafters, who use it for drawing, colouring and scrapbooking.

  • Provides a strong, confident line.
  • Enthusiasts love being able to use this pocket-sized marker any time.
  • Tip is fine enough for writing but dense enough for drawing.
  • Tip can be taken off and washed under the tap (unlike a fine-point felt-tip pen).

PC - 3M

Universal bullet tip of the PC-3M adapts to all types of creation. The quintessential creative tool used by connoisseurs. With a precise, assured stroke, it can customise, create, decorate and mark anything that inspires you.

  • Used for both colouring and line drawing.
  • Bullet tip and thin barrel help you work with finesse.
  • Perfectly suited to ornamentation and arabesques.
  • Also comes in a palette of glitter colours.

PC - 5M

The PC-5M's versatile 1.8–2.5 mm bullet tip offers unlimited freedom of use. It adapts to all types of creation. Medium tip of the PC-5M is the most versatile in the POSCA range. Providing a clear, precise line and beautiful colour, it is appreciated by both professionals and amateurs.

  • With its 1.8–2.5mm tip, the PC-5M offers wide freedom of use.
  • Ideal for customising porous, irregular surfaces such as wood, stone, concrete etc.
  • Tip is easily reversible.
  • Available in the widest variety of colours in the range: nearly 40 shades, including 4 fluorescent and 8 metallic.

PC - 8K

The broad chisel tip of the PC-8K is perfect for tracing curves and covering large areas. With its broad chisel tip, the PC-8K can not only draw clear curves with a graphic calligraphy effect; it can also colour wide areas. Available in a huge range of colours, it is ideal for flat colours, markings of all kinds and of course street art creations and lettering.

  • It can quickly cover large areas.
  • Chisel tip enables controlled and refined lines.
  • Unlike a conventional broad-nibbed felt pen, the tip can be removed and washed if it becomes stained or dries out.

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