Craft Ideas & Tutorials

  • How to Tie Dye

    How to Tie Dye

    Learn Tie Dye pattern techniques and create wonder in this fun video tutorial. Order here

  • How to Create with Air Clay

    How to Create with Air Clay

    Follow our artist as we guide you through this simple video tutorial on using air dry clay. Order here

  • How to make a dreamcatcher

    Dream Catcher Tutorial

    Join us and lets learn how to make a Dreamcatcher in this simple step-by-step DIY tutorial. Order here

  • Sketch tutorial

    Snake Drawing Tutorial

    Slither into the slippery world of snakes and learn some cool skills in this tutorial! We'll learn how to draw a snake and pick up some cool tips and tricks

  • Clay Craft Tutorial

    Monster Air Clay Tutorial

    Roar with your Monster creations. Using air drying clay you'll make monster that will be dry to touch after 24 hours. Order here

  • Monster Wreath Craft Kids Tutorial

    Monster Wreath Tutorial

    Your inquisitive little Monster Wreath will roar to life when you follow our craft how to make a monster simple steps. Order here

  • Drawing Tutorial for young kids Under the Sea Kids Art Collage

    Under the Sea Kids Collage

    Dive into the underwater world with Creative Kids Wonderland as we create an amazing Under the Sea Art Collage.

  • 3D Printing a Butterfly

    3D Printing a Butterfly

    Learn how to create a 3D Butterfly with a 3D Pen butterfly. Download the template here and follow our video tutorial.

  • 3D Pen Bicycle Stencil

    3D Pen Bicycle Stencil

    Create in 3D a custom bicycle following our easy stencil you can trace with your 3D Pen. Order 3D filament refills here

  • 3D Pen easy set up Guide

    3D Pen easy set up Guide

    So you've go yourself a 3D pen, and you're ready to create in the third dimension. This is what you do next.

  • Pouring Paint FLuid Art Tutorial for Kids

    Fluid Art Pouring Paint

    We'll show you how to make a beautiful coloured canvas using the paint pour technique.

  • Hydro dip tutorial

    Hydro Dipping Tutorial

    Enjoy learning to Hydro dip, an innovative way to individualise and make unique creations. Order here

  • Silly string Art Tutorial and Craft kit

    Silly String Art Tutorial

    Create this unique style of art with our easy-to-follow Silly String Canvas Tutorial! Order here

  • Amazing Animals

    Amazing Animals

    Using chenille stems and pom poms, we'll be making amazing animals. Order here

  • More coming soon


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